About The Opportunity Area:

Ipswich is one of the 12 areas in England chosen by the government as an opportunity area (OA), designed to unlock the potential of England’s young people through education.

The aim is for all children and young people in Ipswich to fulfil their potential and access the opportunities available to them, regardless of their background.

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Examples of the Opportunity Area Work


In March the Ipswich Opportunity Area funded ‘What Children’s Bodies Need’ for pre-school and nursery practitioners. This was a two-day, developmental play accredited training course delivered by JABADAO lead Penny Greenland.

The course offered a play-based, child-led approach to physical development. Underpinned by developmental movement theory, practitioners were supported to consider the following questions:

  • Why do babies and children move as they do?
  • What are the links between movement, development and learning?
  • What do they need from us to develop well?
  • How can we be helpful adults?

We are proud to say that the feedback we have had following the course has been absolutely fantastic!

Practitioners have commented that:

“It was an inspirational course led by an inspirational lady.”

“We really came out buzzing.”

“The best course I have been on.”

“The trainer gave us so many practical ideas.”

We are delighted to confirm that we have secured further funding for the course and will be offering one fully funded place to remaining PVI settings within the Ipswich Opportunity Area in the autumn term so please keep an eye on your emails for the upcoming dates.

Mentor Development Training Programme

One of the aims of the Ipswich Opportunity Area is to ensure good support for NQTs across schools in Ipswich and as part of that we are pleased to announce the launch of the new Mentor Development and Training programme.

This is designed to ensure your mentors are fully trained and supported to help in their role with your NQTs and Early Career Teachers. There is no cost to be part of the programme and funding is available for time away from school from your Opportunity Area.

The programme is being led by CUREE (Centre for Use of Research and Evidence in Education) the creators of the National Framework for Coaching and Mentoring.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Working across the Ipswich Opportunity Area we have completed the first year of the What a Difference a Day Makes programme. This programme looked at the difference an additional 24 hours maths tuition would make to a Year 11 pupil with their GCSE Maths. The programme showed how, with an initial idea, collaboration between schools and dedication from both students and teaching staff, it is possible to make a positive impact. Meeting in the University of Suffolk every Saturday morning for 5 weeks the 82 students consistently applied themselves to weekly sessions culminating in a mock exam to assess their progress. Over 240 sessions were attended by the 82 participating pupils and early results suggest that nearly all participants moved up a grade or more upon completion of the programme.

Feedback from participating students was overwhelmingly positive. Many felt more confident by the end and teachers from participating schools noticed an overall increase in confidence from the participating pupils that extended beyond their studies in maths.