What A Difference A Day Makes

WADADM logoWorking across the Ipswich Opportunity Area, we have completed the first year of the What a Difference a Day Makes programme and are well into the final round of days for our second year.

This programme looked at the difference an additional 24 hours maths tuition would make to a Year 11 pupil with their GCSE Maths. The programme showed how, with an initial idea, collaboration between schools and dedication from both students and teaching staff, it is possible to make a positive impact. Meeting in the University of Suffolk every Saturday morning for 5 weeks, the 82 students consistently applied themselves to weekly sessions, culminating in a mock exam to assess their progress. Over 240 sessions were attended by the 82 participating pupils and early results suggest that nearly all participants moved up a grade or more upon completion of the programme.

Feedback from participating students in the first two cohorts was overwhelmingly positive. Many felt more confident by the end and teachers from participating schools noticed an overall increase in confidence from the participating pupils that extended beyond their studies in maths.

Students in Cohort 3: click here for your updates and session information page.

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