Transition Resources


An important part of Inclusion has been recognised as transition- the movement of the student from one year group or school to another.  To enable smooth transition and help to settle students, 2019-20 saw IOA implement a range of new practices and create superb resources for Y6-7. 

We focussed on four areas in transition and each has its own resources for you to download- see below.

Improving the quality and efficiency of information sharing between schools 

Common Transfer Document (download)

This one easy document for secondary schools to use with their feeder primary schools, has proven to be extremely popular. A holistic and practical list of information for each child that can be completed once by the primary school and sent to each relevent high school instead of a raft of individual forms from every secondary school to their feeder primary.        

Building resilience for transition (download)

Primary Resources:

Transitions Survey Year 6 Parents (download)

Transitions Survey Year 6 Pupils (download)

Year 6 Information Brochure (download)