Making Transition better across Ipswich and Suffolk

The transition between settings can be a challenging and anxious time for children, and a smooth transition experience can help relieve and minimise the stress a child is feeling. Of course, along with this comes the excitement and enthusiasm of starting a new school, making new friends and trying new experiences, as such it crucial to get it right. Transition puts enormous demands on to children – socially, emotionally, academically and practically. Some children will inevitably find transition more difficult than others.  

The aim of the IOA Transition project was initially to improve and enable the smooth transition from Y6 to Y7, helping to settle students into their new environment and make an excellent start to Key Stage 3. In 2022 this has extended to Early Years Transition and the creation of a Transition Charter. Beyond the IOA the transition project will continue, with an ambition to take collective responsibility to develop processes and activities that make transition better at all stages from early years to higher education, and for in year transitions between alternative providers and home education too.

It is our aim to have 100 schools, settings and colleges signed up to the principles of the Charter by the end of the IOA on 31/8/22. Organisations that have committed to the Charter receive a certificate for their reception areas, can use the Charter logo on their website and access to the Transition Working Group. Whether a setting sends a nominated colleague to working group meetings or not, they will receive regular news and updates on collaborative processes and projects to improve transition across the county.

The Transition Charter is open to all education providers in Suffolk. you can see all the organisations already signed up here.

To sign up to the Charter complete this sign up form and return to

You can read more details about the Charter here:

Watch a 15 minute video outlining the background and details of the Charter from an information session on 25th May:

Read about the Charter in the news

Common Transfer document

The transition working group agreed a common approach to information sharing, and a common design for information brochures from Ipswich high schools for Year 6s.

The working group created an easy document for secondary schools to use with their feeder primary schools, this has proven to be extremely popular. A holistic and practical list of information for each child that can be completed once by the primary schools and sent to each relevant secondary school instead of a raft of individual forms from every secondary school to their feeder primary.

Year 6 Transition Brochures

The brochure has been designed to engage year 6 pupils, with formats specifically aimed at 11 year olds, giving them an insight into their new secondary schools. Pupils will receive their brochure in the summer term so that parents also have the contacts and information they need at their fingertips over summer, rather than a raft of A4 paper.  This template has been designed by Naked Marketing but can be used by any design agency to make your school information come alive for both new students and their carer/s. The majority of IOA and Greater IOA secondary schools used this design for year 6 pupils starting their school in September 2021.

Transition Days

School leaders in Ipswich and Felixstowe have agreed  dates for ‘move up’ days for children and young people who will be in years 2, 6 and 11 next summer.  In 2022, the dates are Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 June 2022. 
This is being supported by the LA and the suggestion going forward is that the final Wednesday and Thursday in June from 2023 onwards are used for the activities as part of the larger set of transition activities that are offered to our children and young people across Suffolk.    

Transition Working Group

The transition working group is open to reps from organisations signed up to the charter and chaired by Maxine Abbott and Abi Joachim from Westbourne Academy.

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