Teaching Experience Project – Information for Schools

New Ipswich Opportunity Area projects – teaching experience
As many of us have experienced, recruitment is a real challenge facing schools, and so we are hoping to begin to build a steady pipeline of teachers for future years in Ipswich. We also hope to keep schools in the know: by participating in these projects, you will hopefully have a better understanding of who will be training to be a teacher in the next few years, leading to more positive recruitment contacts.
Below you can find more information about projects that are aimed at encouraging people to teach locally. Ipswich has a lot to offer as a place to train and teach, and people undertaking meaningful work experience in advance of deciding to train to be a teacher has a wealth of benefits not only for them, but also for us in schools.
A summary of the first three can also be found Information for schools – teaching experience project.
Student tutoring – secondary schools:
We are in the process of setting up a bank of undergraduates who are available to come into secondary schools and colleges and tutor your students. We will reimburse the first 20 places from IOA schools for their first 10 hours of tutoring at a rate of £10 an hour; there are a limited number of funded places left. Otherwise, Student Tutors will be paid for by the school at a rate of £10 per hour. For those successful in receiving funding, after the initial 10 hours, you are welcome to negotiate with the Student Tutor if you are willing to continue to pay them for their work. Student Tutors will be DBS checked prior to arriving in schools, and are available to support a range of subject areas, tutoring one-to-one or small groups. Please get in touch if you are interested, or would like more information.
Teacher Experience Programme – all settings:
We are looking for schools who would be willing to host undergraduates wishing to participate in our new Experience Programme. In late June/early July, participants will spend three weeks in a school, observing, talking to key members of staff, and planning for and teaching a small group or short section of a lesson, whether on their own or in partnership with the class teacher. They will also receive training and support from the university prior to arriving at your school, and will be DBS checked. We need enthusiastic teacher mentors in schools who would be willing to host these participants and allow them to observe lessons within their departments – this is a role that would be suited to newly qualified and more established teachers alike. Mentors will receive a token of appreciation for their trouble, and we aim to make it as easy a role as possible. If you feel your school can host one or more of these participants, please get in touch.
Lead Experience Schools – all settings: 
We are aware that it is sometimes a challenge to deal with requests for experience that come directly to you in schools, and that those who arrive are not always DBS checked. We hope to recruit a selection of Lead Experience Schools within the Ipswich Opportunity Area, who are willing to provide quality in-school experience to our future Teacher Trainees, whether they are an undergraduate, graduate, or career changer. We can DBS check applicants if required, and refer them to you. This can also be more flexible; if you have certain periods of time when you are willing to accept work experience candidates, or if you have particular departments that are welcoming and enthusiastic, we can timetable that and assign them accordingly. Moreover, if you receive a request for work experience that you do not feel you can fulfil, or you would like them to be DBS checked before they undertake experience, you can refer them to me in advance and I can redirect or help out. If you would like to be a Lead Experience School, please get in touch.