Teaching Experience Programme

The Teaching Experience Programme is designed to give you a significant, realistic and useful experience within a school. During the three weeks, you will experience a range of aspects of school life, not only observing, but also finding out about, and participating in, wider school life. You will encounter a range of staff and students who have very different views on education. You will see the ups and downs of school life. And, most importantly, you will see the difference that great teachers can make to young people.  

In schools, you will be observing skilled and experienced teachers, and talking to key members of staff, in order to find out how schools really work. There will be a task pack to complete, which you will be supported to do during the school day, and you will submit a brief, reflective report at the end. We will provide you with £250 upon successful completion of the programme, in order to support your living and travel costs during the three weeks. Moreover, we will provide training at the university so that you can get the most out of your experience, with sessions on the vital basics such as safeguarding and approaching observations, and also on teaching, learning and small group work, so that you are able to take a more active and meaningful part in lessons.

If you have already applied to a training provider, this is a perfect way in which to get any initial experience that they recommend. Furthermore, if you are in your first or second year, and have not yet fully decided what you would like to do after university, this is an excellent way to be better informed about a career in education, whether primary, secondary or further.

The Teaching Experience Programme is currently not accepting applications, but to register your interest, and be notified when applications are open for the academic year 2019/2020, please contact n.peirson@uos.ac.uk