During the first three years of the IOA Programme 18 Schools used SWERL (Supporting Wellbeing Emotional Resilience through Learning) and supplementary funding to support mental health, wellbeing and resilience in their schools.   In Year 4 we have expanded the programme to enable all schools in the IOA to undertake SWERL and receive funding to implement their action plans.

SWERL is designed to help schools manage the increased focus on mental health and wellbeing since the Children and Families Act 2014 in which Mental Health was added to one of the four categories of need.   One of the most powerful aspects of SWERL is that it recognises that each school as unique, so the programme is highly responsive to the local needs of each setting.  

The IOA will provide funding for schools new to SWERL of up to £8,000 to implement their action plans, existing SWERL schools can receive up to £4,000 to build on their existing provision.  

We have provided a short video outlining SWERL and the timetable of training and support available.  

For more informaiton on SWERL or if you would like to book onto a cohort please contact Katrina Gardiner, on k.gardiner@uos.ac.uk

SWERL Short Introduction PowerPoint

IOA SWERL Timetable

SWERL Induction

Understanding the impact of Covid on wellbeing

Session from UCL – partner with Ipswich Opportunity Area delivering the SWERL programme, shared their learning and handbook to support schools to understand and support learners with the impact of COVID-19.   The presentation, video of the session and accompanying handbook can be found here.

This document is prepared as guidance for both families and schools as part of the ‘Back on Track’ programme. It is, however, also offered as a stand-alone, free of charge document to support schools, families and children get ‘back on track’ in response to the wide range of potential impacts of Covid-19.

Short SWERL Schools Introductions PowerPoint

SWERL Timetable IOA

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