Remote Learning Support Assistants

15 Ipswich Opportunity Area schools have appointed a Remote Learning Support Assistants (RSLAs) to place in schools across Ipswich for the current academic year.

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RLSAs support young people with remote learning at the point they self-isolate individually or as part of an infection cluster due to Covid 19, or with targeted young people where year group bubbles switch to remote learning. From January 2021 RLSAs are supporting all pupils working remotely.

RLSAs work on the school site, helping young people, mainly online or by phone, to engage with the work sent home and promoting their independent learning.  Families may also need support to get their children online where schoolwork is computer based.

All RLSAs recruited by the Opportunity Area work predominantly in one school or trust in Ipswich, but are part of a supportive network of teaching assistants that may support other Ipswich schools that experience a spike in infections.

Remote Learning Support Assistants are based at:

St Margaret’s, St John’s and St Matthew’s Primary Schools

Springfield Junior School

Whitehouse Primary

The Beeches Primary

Gusford Primary

Dale Hall & Castle Hill Primary Schools

The Oaks Primary

Rebecca Wright (Based at St Margarets Primary

Carolyn Love

Paula Zantboer

Evie Coleman

Mark Burbidge

Ashley Hardwick

Amanda Chrichton and Lisa Hollis (job share)

Westbourne Academy

Northgate High School

Ormiston Endeavour

Ipswich Academy

Stoke High School

St Albans High School

Suffolk One Sixth Form

To be appointed

Mark Hurley

Ryan Cracknell

Rowena Miller

Monica Wahl

Sally Green

David Kemp

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