Remote Learning Helpline for families in Ipswich

***live from Monday 8th February 2021***

Remote Learning Support Assistants in 18 of our schools in Ipswich will be manning an “after-hours” helpline for families to support remote learning.  This is designed to support parents and carers whose commitments make it difficult for them to contact their school during normal school hours. 

We would always encourage parents and carers to speak to their school first, but if you need a chat about remote learning in the evening or weekend this is what we can help with:

  • Trouble shooting IT issues connected to work sent home from school
  • Understanding instructions in work sent home from school
  • Advice and tips on online resources that might help with completion of work sent home
  • Ideas to support your child’s study skills

Sometimes we’ll be able to support with enquiries on the spot, and where we can’t help fix issues there and then, we’ll act as a messaging service with your school, and can call you back during helpline hours.

What we can’t help with:

  • Pastoral, behaviour or wellbeing concerns
  • Complaints
  • Safeguarding issues
  • Free School Meals
  • School place availability
  • Schools that are not in the Ipswich Opportunity Area

These should always be addressed to your school.

If you feel worried and need support with any of the above, Suffolk County Council provide information on their website and provide a helpline: 0800 068 3131

We also have a growing list of links to advice and support for families on the Ipswich Opportunity Area website.

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