Strengthening the teaching profession in Ipswich by providing world-class support and development

Why this is an issue:

  • Education providers in Ipswich tell us that they struggle to recruit and retain high-quality education professionals and support staff.
  • Teacher vacancy rates are particularly high in secondary schools in Ipswich compared to nationally.

Our targets by 2021:

  • Childcare and education professionals will report a higher level of job satisfaction
  • Full-time teacher vacancy rates in primary and secondary schools will be lower than the national average
  • The proportion of national leaders of education per 1,000 primary and secondary pupils will be at least equal to the national average

What we set out to do:

  • Support education settings to identify the development needs of their education workforce and addressing them through the Ipswich workforce development strategy.
  • Encourage undergraduates, graduates and career changers to participate in meaningful teaching experience, via the Teaching Experience Project.
  • Provide access to fully funded national professional qualifications (NPQs) for existing and aspiring school leaders.
  • Deliver bespoke leadership development training for leaders, including one-to-one coaching support.
  • Provide additional intensive support for newly qualified teachers and qualified teachers within their first 2 years.
  • Attract new professionals to come and work in Ipswich by broadening the routes into teaching and promoting the exciting development opportunities available to Ipswich education professionals.

Workforce Development Programme report

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