Year 4 plans for Ipswich Opportunity Area

Having consulted with schools and statekeholders, our priorities for Year 4 support our original vision for Ipswich education and reflect local priorities for Covid-19 recovery:

Mental health and wellbeing: We will extend the successful SWERL (Supporting Wellbeing, Emotional Resilience and Learning) programme to all schools to establish a consistent approach to tracking wellbeing, with support drawing on interventions that have shown impact to date. All Early Years settings will have at least one trained mental health first aider and access to training to assess and monitor children’s resilience and wellbeing.

Transition: We’ll support children starting school by making it easier to identify and address communication issues early. We will plan a Y6-7 transition project to support the 2021 transition, drawing on learning from 2020.

Early years: We’ll improve speech, language and communication and self-regulation through expansion of successful existing training programmes and by supporting the development of effective networks that will enable local leaders to deploy targeted support where needed.

Catch up tuition: We will extend the successful What a Difference a Day Makes partnership between schools and the University of Suffolk in Ipswichto include English as well as Maths and adapt it to target those pupils who have been most impacted by school closures. We will support effective implementation of the national catch up offer in Ipswich.

Sharing the best of our learning: We’ll invest in sustainable infrastructure for sharing learning by developing an OA learning hub in partnership with Norwich and Fenland and East Cambridgeshire OAs, by creating a new leadership and challenge board for the schools sector and by working with local Research Schools to develop some of our best performing project leads into Evidence Leaders in Education.  We’ll work with regional partners to identify social mobility cold spots and underlying issues, and work through MATs represented in Ipswich OA to offer targeted support and mentoring to schools in those areas. This will enable us to reach schools in other deprived areas in the region. In doing so, we will draw on evaluation of our wide range of evidence-based practice, workforce development and bespoke attainment and wellbeing projects.  We will also assess the impact of the online aspects of our Year 11 transition and tuition projects, with a view to sharing learning with coastal/rural areas where proximity to FE and HE provision can be a barrier to progression.

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