Learning Behaviour Leads

Learning Behaviour Leads (LBLs) are experience TAs that support those children and young people within a school that face the most significant barriers to learning, or struggle most to engage with learning in the classroom, to develop their learning behaviours so that they are better able to access education. 

The objectives of the LBL project are:

  • to train key staff in schools in the EEF guidance on the 5 pillars of the “Learning Behaviour” framework – Metacognition, SEND, Social and Emotional Learning, Behaviour and Parental Engagement.
  • to connect LBLs to local community partners that provide complementary support to children and young people beyond the school gate through an inclusion grant.
  • to grow practitioner confidence, enabling them to cascade learning to peers, contribute to the development of whole schools approaches to improving learning behaviours and participate in a network of LBLs and community partners.

Learning Behaviour Leads Network Training Dates

Meeting and training schedule:

Resources for LBLs

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