In March the Ipswich Opportunity Area funded ‘What Children’s Bodies Need’ for pre-school and nursery practitioners. This was a two-day, developmental play, accredited training course delivered by JABADAO lead Penny Greenland.

The course offered a play-based, child-led approach to physical development. Underpinned by developmental movement theory, 24 of our local practitioners were supported to consider the following questions:

  • Why do babies and children move as they do?
  • What are the links between movement, development and learning?
  • What do they need from us to develop well?
  • How can we be helpful adults?

We are proud to say that the feedback we had following the course was absolutely fantastic. Every one of the responses rated the course delivery as outstanding, and we received 100% positive feedback. 86% (21 delegates) rated their confidence level after as ‘much higher’  and 14% (3 delegates) rated it as ‘higher’.

Practitioners commented that:

  • “It was an inspirational course led by an inspirational lady.”
  • “We really came out buzzing.”
  • “The best course I have been on.”
  • “The trainer gave us so many practical ideas.”

Further dates for JABADAO training will be available in November. For more information, please contact Jemma Hudson, our Early Years Lead: Jemma.Hudson@Suffolk.gov.uk

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