Ipswich Partners in Education

We are fortunate in Ipswich to have a wealth of partner organisations that support our local schools, colleges and settings.

We are growing this area of the website over Summer 2021, so do please check back soon to see a more comprehensive list of the organisations that are keen to work with education settings, young people and their families.

Local Cultural Educational Partners

Festival Bridge runs a local cultural educational partnership in Ipswich (LCEP). This directory of organisations is growing to reflect the opportunities and activities schools and colleges can take up and promote to their families

Cornerstone Employers and Enterprise Advisers

All secondary schools and colleges in Ipswich have an Enterprise Adviser from a range of different local companies, and the network is strategically supported by our local cornerstone employers.

Continuous professional development organisations for the local education community

A range of local organisations offer CPD opportunities and support for educationalists from strategic school to school support, to practitioner development

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