IOA Wellbeing and Resilience Network

Six Wellbeing and Resilience Hubs have been established, led by local schools, settings and colleges in the following areas of support:

IOA Hubs will be funded to further develop key approaches to mental health and wellbeing support for children and adults within the town, extending the reach of these key areas of work to a wider network across Suffolk.

The Thrive Hub

Thrive uses a unique assessment and tracking tool that screens and analyses all children in terms of their social and emotional development.   Westbourne Academy and Rushmere Hall Primary will partner to share their learning on implementing and using THRIVE to  support the emotional wellbeing and resilience of students, improving       engagement in learning and reducing poor learning behaviours in school.

The Medical Needs in Schools Hub

The Raedwald Trust will lead the Medical Needs in Schools Hub, this approach supports schools to use individual health plans and technology in the delivery of education programmes for children with medical and mental health needs. 

The Trauma Informed Schools Supervision Hub

Being emotionally available for children and families can be emotionally exhausting – through this hub Castle Hill Primary will support other schools to develop and implement supervision for staff.   Castle Hill Primary is a designated Trauma Informed and Mentally Healthy School, and are accredited by the British Psychology Service for supervision.

The Early Years Resilience Hub

Highfield Nursery School and Rainbow Bright Pre-School will be partnering to support early years settings to develop resilience in children, using the        Highfield Resilience Tracker to assess and track children’s resilience, alongside implementing approaches to    improve early years emotional learning and  social resilience. For more information about READ HAPPI – Free funded IOA Early Years Project. For more details click here


33 Schools in Ipswich and 10 in Felixstowe have participated in SWERL—”Supporting Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience in Learning” over the last 3 years.  This whole school approach and the associated funding has given IOA schools a unique opportunity to trial a very broad range of approaches.  Dale Hall and Cliff Lane schools will take a lead in sharing learning and showcasing best practice.

The Adult Wellbeing Hub

Representing the diversity of settings Ipswich educators work in, the 3  partners in the Adult Wellbeing Hub – Buttons and Bows Nursery, Stone Lodge Academy and Ormiston Endeavour Academy, will bring a broad range of expertise to the support of staff in our schools, colleges and setting.

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