Information about Projects and Funding

Educational establishments in the Ipswich Opportunity Area are invited to apply for additional funding under the following programmes:

Evidence Based Practice Fund

This programme has now closed. Case studies will be pubshished soon.



Facilitating links outside of the Opportunity Area 

Funding has been available to support schools and other education settings within the Ipswich Opportunity Area to visit education settings outside of Ipswich to share learning and best practice. The Ipswich Opportunity Area  reimbursed reasonable travel, accommodation and expenses for groups of colleagues to visit and offer return visits for, schools and education settings across the country. For more information, please contact  This is a rolling programme and we aim to respond to applications to the fund with a decision within 3 weeks of the application being received. This programme is due to close so please so get your applications in before the May half term.  

Facilitating Links Application Guidance

IOA Facilitating Links Application Form

IOA Facilitating Links Post Visit Evaluation Form


National Professional Qualifications

Staff working in schools in the Ipswich Opportunity Area are eligible for free NPQ training in middle and senior leadership, headship and executive headship. If you would like to apply for an NPQ you can do so directly to any of the approved providers, who will automatically apply the scholarship. More information on the qualifications and the providers can be found here.