Human Stories – Aspire Black Suffolk workshops for children

Schools, colleges and early years settings can choose from any of the following workshops to be delivered in the Summer term 2022. Each workshop is 90 minutes long and can be delivered in setting (ideally) or remotely:

Heroes on your Doorstep

Aim: Art based black history Programme session

Designed to prepare students for success, in a diverse landscape, exploring communities, joined by a professional artist this session will focus on elements of skills, history in Suffolk, cultural identity.

Unit will include English development through the use of art Art/History Migration/ PHSE reviewing belonging/ empowerment. Using creative writing tools, images and inspirational text, storyboard to develop and explore black history in Suffolk and beyond.

Included: Elimu book per child

A copy of art resources, including poster displays per child.

Stories can be captured: part of capturing best practices to be highlighted for schools ofsted support.

90 minutes suitable for primary or secondary and after school sessions provided

Capture the moment

Creativity workshop “Who am I?”

Who am I – 90 minute session suitable for primary, secondary, community and PRU setting.

Who am I- Will explore how young people are perceived in the media, focusing on stories we are told about our gender, ability and ethnicity.  Introdcing photographers and the power of images within this wokshop.

We will create in the session a diversity and equality wall, supporting children to create their Crown by showcasing our beauty and strength and how diversity and differences enrich our world, using positive imagery, vocabulary.

Include: Wall display gallery created in setting to showcase diversity and culture.

My hair is my crown

Suitable for Early Years to Year 3

This workshop is designed to explore Diversity Afro Textured Hair exploring sense of belonging, diversity and support children develop English and build understanding on cultures and heritages and embedding

Included- Role play in ESFS

Key learning points:

Playing and exploring children investigate styling afro and texture hair salon-based hairdressing real life hair dolls, this will highlight communities, similarities and difference, introduction on diversity, traditions through hair styling, learning different method’s and exploring using afro hair products, traditional African cultural style items.

Active learning:

Part of the diversity session children will be read diverse stories, based on African heritage and textured hair based for children, children will have the chance to build on their vocabulary, describing feelings, and textures and expressing how this makes them feel. Using this technique allows children to be stretched and challenged allowing opportunities older children to create displays on their reflective learning, developing their speaking skills.

Children will then part of the activity have the opportunity through heritage and culture to develop their own character exploring their diverse character, using a wide range of art ranges, that include crayons for all skin types.

Book per child provided

Guide for Educators: That includes Top 10 Diversity (Black icon books for children) 

Including lists of Diversity Textured hair dolls

Elimu History Tour

On Your Doorstep Tour (Suitable for primary, secondary and PRU)

Delivered sessions/ virtual

Human Stories based on extension of the Elimu book

Including- guest speaker- listening to local hero’s stories focusing on generational stories including meet a Nigerian Princess in Suffolk

Part 1:

Exploring cultures and heritage

Traditional Nigerian royal items including jewels examples

Nigerian Royalty linage explored

Exploring the term Royalty in cultures, and also highlighting job roles and stories of working in the film industry, and positive perceptions.

Followed by Q&A

Part 2:

Activity- based on the talk to further embed in curriculum skills.

 Video provided: resource for educators- capturing Power of stories on diversity

Book per child provided

Windrush Stories

Virtual online/ or delivered to setting  

Windrush stories- Based on migration and historical object


  • objects from the Windrush generation
  • Guest speaker appearance
  • Job roles – exploring the roles after the second world war/ migration
  • Spoken word- description of Windrush journey
  • Creating letters on Windrush stories
  • Resources provided video capturing power of stories
  • Capture student experience: a copy given to educators, including QR codes

(Suitable for communities, primary and secondary)

Elimu book per child

Resources provided for educators for additional sessions to stretch and challenge

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