Get Rhythm

Get Rhythm

Our mission is to deliver highly engaging, immersive and inclusive musical experiences to every child and adult we work with. To use our love of music, our personalities and experience to provide not just musical learning opportunities, but to play a part in the development of a whole self.

Running activity in Ipswich over Summer 2021

Early Years

KS 1&4

Post 16


Delivered on or off the school site

Music Reengagement Workshops & Projects

We have a range of exciting, engaging and practical music workshops and projects available to Schools and Community groups. Please get in touch to discuss your needs, we can tailor all of our workshops to your needs.

Spring/Summer 2021

We have availability to run workshops and projects during school time in the summer term and over the summer holidays.


Our everyday observations and experiences (and all the research) show us that music plays a huge role in improving children’s self-esteem, focus, confidence, motivation, group cohesion, happiness and creativity, not to mention the positive impact carried over into other areas of learning and school life. The list goes on and on. To us, the benefits of engagement in music knows no bounds.

Workshops available from £85 – Covid guidelines are the only limit to workshop numbers! Ideally workshops are delivered on the school site.

Get Rhythm

Joe Allen

07872 985190

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