Family Support Assistants

The Family Support Assistant is a practitioner within the setting, funded for 2 days a week to support families as follows:

  • Provide practical and emotional help and advice on their child’s progress developmentally and educationally at home and in their setting, particularly in early speech, language and communication, and personal, social and emotional development.
  • Signpost to sources of specialist advice for example for financial, mental health or disability support.
  • Support to prepare their child to get the best possible start to school.

The FSA will also work collaboratively with Early Years Transition Leads in primary schools as part of the Strong School Start Network project, bringing their expertise in supporting families and understanding of the pre-school environment in order to improve the Early Years transition process.

For us, primarily working on speech and language, it’s been amazing to be out of ratio to be able to use the WellComm assessment and work individually with children and their families, getting the iPad to communicate and share clear photos and videos with the parents and also getting feedback from the parents.

Rachel Bailey and Jayde Love, FSAs at Highfield Nursery School

The FSA role for Happy Tots has been such a benefit and support to our families, we are in a deprived area and some families found themselves in situations during covid which caused them to worry and struggle. I have especially enjoyed getting creative and making resources to use in setting or for the children at home.

Lisa Brown – Happy Tots Pre-School Play Group

Tracey Mason, Manager, Rainbow Bright Nursery

As an opportunity area setting Rainbow Bright is grateful to have had access to fully funded training, and an excellent staff support package.

The pinnacle has been our funded Family Support Assistant – I can only describe it as like having a big pair of arms around us supporting the children, their families, and our staff.

During these challenging times it has enabled us to focus on building the children’s resilience and making sure our leavers are ready for transition to primary school.

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