Evidence Based Practice – results and evaluations

Dale Hall Community Primary School – To reduce the attainment gap in writing at KS2, by explicitly teaching metacognition and self-regulatory skills to pupils and teachers.

Northgate High School – Building on the evidence base of the Thrive approach, can the development of non-cognitive skills increase increase resilience and improve academic outcomes? This will be tested particularly with extended writing.

Springfield Infant School and Nursery – Tackling Word Poverty in the Early Years & KS1 through targeted intervention (Nursery Narrative), structured teaching opportunities (Rising Stars Vocabulary/Reading Spine/Role play) and ongoing assessment (BPVS).

Suffolk New College – Using tailored ICT support packages to tackle the achievement gaps in Maths and English for disadvantaged students, in order to improve their progression opportunities, and therefore, enhance the social mobility of young adults in the Ipswich Opportunities Area.

Suffolk One and Ormiston Academy- Improving attainment in Science GCSE and Biology A-level by developing students’ metacognition using an integrative approach that combines ‘flipped learning’ strategies, with skills-based teaching and self-evaluation. Metacognition Research poster – Suffolk ONEMetacogntion Research poster – Ormiston Academy

Suffolk One – Improving outcomes for disadvantaged 16 to 18-year-old students by tailoring pastoral support to combine development of metacognition as well as addressing specific social/emotional needs.

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