Accreditation offer for IOA Schools

The application window is now closed.

23 schools and colleges in the Ipswich Opportunity Area have been funded to achieve an accreditation award with Awards Place.

We anticipate in 2022 30 Awards will be achieved over 23 schools and colleges:

15 SEND Inclusion Awards

7 Wellbeing Awards

3 Leading Partnership Awards

3 Excellence in Pupil Development Awards

2 Best Practice with Teaching Assistant Awards

Some schools will fast-track through the accreditation process, earning their award in recognition of the investment they have made through IOA funding in developing the award area. Others have applied for an adviser-led route, completing in Autumn 2022, and enabling them to refine and quality assure their achievement in their specialist area.

Schools and colleges in receipt of IOA funded accreditation can contact Joshua Hadrill from Optimus Education on 020 8514 9565 or email him at

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