A Strong School Start

The Strong School Start project in 2021-22 builds on previous investments our Early Years settings and schools have made with OA funding in CPD and family support – with a focus on improving early speech and language and children’s personal social and emotional development and resilience.

IOA funding will enable a strong network of practitioners to share their learning and expertise in school readiness.

18 Family Support Assistants in early years settings and 17 Early Years Transitions Leads in primary schools will work collaboratively over the year to address the challenges of school readiness and effective transition.

All 35 members of staff will be funded to have non contact time/off ratio time on a Monday afternoon, facilitating reciprocal visits, buddying and networking, with monthly network meetings focusing on family support and effective transition.

For more information on the Strong School Start project contact Ben Gough ben.gough@suffolk.gov.uk

Information and Resources:

Network schedule, resources, events and information

Family Support Assistants

Early Years Transition Leads

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