The Aspirations of Primary aged Children in Ipswich and Felixstowe

We heard this afternoon from Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE and Nick Chambers from Education and Employers, presenting the findings of their research into the career aspirations of children in Ipswich and Felixstowe schools.

This was a local deep dive repeating the methodology of the international Drawing the Future research carried out in 2017 comparing the aspirations of children around the world.

Some key takeaways:

Where children were inspired about a possible career by someone they knew or had met, this was most likely to be their parents and or a member of the family

Those children who learned about the job role they aspired to from someone other than their family were most likely to have got their ideas from television

56% of children said they thought they could do any job when they grew up (53% of children who were in receipt of school meals)

49% of children thought that they would go to university.

The most popular jobs were sportsperson, teacher or teaching assistant, and youtuber, streamer or influencer.

Most children (34%) said that their favourite subject was Maths.

Read the local report here.

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