Life of a Learning Behaviour Lead

This past two terms have been an adventure and it all started with a new job role a learning behaviour lead. What is that you might ask?

Well… I have found my role a unique one, but one that has been incredibly rewarding!

I have supported children who have found the journey into school difficult. I have met parents and children in the mornings who both find the school run a tricky time and I have sent them home at the end of the day with a

beaming smile because the task they felt so daunting in the morning, seems to be forgotten and the day has been as success.

I also have helped children to feel settled within their days at school, sometimes not the easiest of tasks when the child is upset with themselves at how they have behaved or the choices they have made. But well worth it when they make choices that enable them to have the reward time they have picked, their smiles and their thankfulness at you supporting them is what makes the job so worthwhile for me!

My job has involved lots of things this year but the most worthwhile one is making a difference and seeing the changes to the lives of the children, the staff and the parents.
It really makes a difference when you can see the progression of the children and seeing more and more smiles every day. 

Becca (Learning Behaviour Lead – St Margaret’s Primary School)    

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