Strong School Start Buddy Programme

The Strong School Start project has launched their new Buddying up programme. This is an exciting opportunity for schools and settings to join forces to share knowledge and build skills. Members of the network have paired up based on their strengths and areas of interest giving them an opportunity to work with people from all over the town and see how things are done in schools and settings they wouldn’t normally get to work with. The buddies will work together over a series of buddying sessions to share their expertise and learn from each other on a range of areas from SEND to Supporting staff wellbeing. This is a real opportunity for education professionals to get to know each other and benefit from each other’s knowledge as well as sharing what they do well and resources they have developed in their settings and schools. The skills learnt and knowledge gained will make a real difference in the early years sector across Ipswich while building lasting connections in to local area to support transitions work across the town benefiting young people for years to come.

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