Ipswich and Norwich OAs Sharing Learning Week 28th June

The Ipswich and Norwich Opportunity Area teams have been developing an online space to capture the Big Ideas of the last four years in both OAs, with case studies and examples to showcase the learning of schools, colleges, settings and partner organisations.

This hub will be a valuable resource for the networks and practitioners in both places, as well as useful learning for colleagues across Suffolk and Norfolk who are keen to understand how many of the Opportunity Area initiatives in East Anglia have been implemented, and the impact that they have had.

The hub will go fully live in Autumn, however we are keen to start capturing some of the stories and journeys now, and will showcase some of the key learning and introduce the hub as a platform in “Sharing Learning Week” from the 28th June—2nd July.  Colleagues from Ipswich and Norwich will share learning from some of our key projects in bitesize webinars across the week, with a theme for each day. Download the flier and book on – free to all and all welcome, from Ipswich, Norwich, Suffolk, Norfolk and beyond!

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