Vision and Voice Offer

We have partnered with a cooperative of community and voluntary sector organisations to deliver Vision and Voice.   Working with schools’ vision and voice will provide a range of support for students and staff wellbeing and mental health.  

  • Access Community Trust ‘Peace Meal’: Through their PINK Orange suite of services. The Peace Meal concept is an add on from PINK Orange Essentials and includes additional wellbeing support through items such as worry dolls, educational resources and access to mental health support services in addition to the usual signposting across services in the third sector as well as the original box of food and menu.   
  • Green Light Trust ‘Natural Alternative’: Natural alternative is a person-centred programme delivered by GLT at Castan Wood in Ipswich. It allows those struggling for whatever reason, be it mental health, anxiety, behaviour, SEND or any other challenges to develop through access to the natural environment.    
  • Survivors in Transition ‘Tope’: This confidential abuse support for young people (13+) is a relatively new and much-needed service for Suffolk.   
  • Community Praxis: Therapeutically informed youth work. delivered in blocks of 6 sessions to individuals. These 6 sessions will be targeted at young people who will benefit from a therapeutically informed youth worker., Traditionally the young people who will benefit from this therapeutic approach are those facing specific challenges in their lives, but this is not exclusive.  Therapeutically Informed Youth Work appeals to one and all as it enables a safe space to grow and work in an equitable space where feelings, emotions and experiences can be shared and learnt from.  The 6 sessions will be underpinned with building positive and meaningful relationships. Young people will be given the means to name their world, explore a sense of responsibility and participation along with been exposed to new situations and environments. All young people will have a Clarity 4d profile and action plan produced.   
  • Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality; will conduct what is known as an Equality Impact Assessment, create an Action plan and manage the implementation of the action plan through a school/community reference group.   
  • Volunteering Matters ‘Mentors’ Will offer mentoring for young people of all ages across IOA with referrals made directly to VM by the school.  VM recruit, train, supervise and match mentors with a young person and includes safeguarding, vol expenses and impact demonstration.  
  • Menta: Through Clarity 4D up to 50 profiles will be produced through the other engagements in this offer. The youth profile is aimed at 14 – 19-year-olds and supports a variety of integrated areas and it has also been utilised as an opportunity to attach the usual 1 dimensional CV with a clarity profile, giving a rounded approach to those looking at supporting the individual with skills enterprise or employability options. 

We also have some funding set aside to respond to presenting needs from schools, we would encourage all schools to contact either Vision and Voice or Katrina Gardiner to discuss needs that cannot be met through the above offer.

To access contact

Vision and Voice directly using the email address 

For presenting needs or if you wish to discuss any other needs of your school regarding mental health, wellbeing or resilience please contact Katrina Gardiner 

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