Supporting Year 11s transitioning to college

Over the last two years a partnership between Ipswich secondary schools and the University of Suffolk has enabled over 200 students to receive support to prepare for Maths GCSEs on Saturday mornings through the IOA “What a Difference a Day Makes” programme, with noticeable improvements in GCSE outcomes. 

Ipswich and Norwich Opportunity Areas and NEACO are working in collaboration this summer to provide a skills and learning based “Step Up” tutoring programme for those students who were year 11 leavers this year, and who will be attending Suffolk New College this September.

The programme aims to provide 24 hours of extra online learning and tuition to around 35 students from Ipswich: 3 hours a week of commitment from young people to improve their English, Mathematics and Study Skills in preparation for their next step into college. This learning will be fully supported by tutors and mentors, encouraging and coaching students to get the most from the opportunity. 

More details about the course can be found here.

The programme came about as a response to the current pandemic. As Year 11s faced an abrupt end to their school career, and a long period without learning, this Summer programme helps increase confidence and independence for post 16 study.  As well as providing wellbeing sessions, NEACO has provided additional support in the form of vouchers for students who stay the course to help with the cost of resources for their college course in September.  Students in low income families with limited access to technology received laptops to support their online learning.

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