Website & App Update                                                                                                                                       

The Team at icanbea… have been working hard over the last few months, supporting local schools and students who have had so much to deal with throughout this time.  2020 started well with a number of workshops and events booked in, and a full range of new lesson plans, a teacher dashboard and the virtual tours available.  From mid-March it became apparent we were entering unprecedented times, and given that the project works predominantly through schools it has been a challenging time for the team, however, some quick thinking meant that we were able to work with Ipswich Opportunity Area Team to make the resources funded by them publicly available, this meant we were able to support as many students as possible to stay engaged in work inspiration and researching their potential for future education or employment.   

Because of the ‘on demand’ nature of the resources and that they are accessible through PC, laptop, tablet and phone the website and app have continued to receive around 4000 site visits a month.

Of particular interest has been the amazing Employer Virtual Tours where an individual can ‘visit’ any of five key local employers, hear from the staff and understand what it would be like to work for that employers.  There is also a Careers Wizard where you can discover which jobs might suit your interests and skills or the Education/Home Schooling Index where they have collated lots of resources offered by a range of providers all in one place for easy access.

In response to this work icanbea… is still showing good engagement with IOA Schools with nearly 1400 registered users and we are now working on plans to consider this work over the summer and into next term.  If you would like to see how to use icanbea… please take a look at our Easy Guide or if you would prefer to speak to the team about what icanbea… can do for your school please contact us on

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